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June 11, 2006


Katherine Zappone and Anne Louise Gilligan


Revenue Commissioners, Ireland and the Attorney General

The case is scheduled to be heard in the High Court of Irleand on 3rd October, 2006

KAL Case website

Katherine Zappone & Ann Louise Gilligan got married in Canada some years ago. As Irish citizens they are asking the courts to recognise that their marriage should be legally recognised in Ireland.

They are asking for equality and fairness and to be treated the same as other married couples, including those who marry abroad and enjoy tax and benefits related to pensio, property and succession among other things.

If successful, the case will create a positive climate for a new legal framework that provides the potential for legal recognition for all co-habiting couples and for the many different types of family in Ireland today.

It is hoped that this blog will serve to compliment the KAL Case website, to provide resources and updates relating to the case.

The blog may also serve as a point of reference for those individuals and organisations interested in partitipating in the KAL Advocacy Platform.

For details about the case, support, and what you can do please view
About page.


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