Katherine Zappone and Anne Louise Gilligan


Revenue Commissioners, Ireland and the Attorney General

The case is scheduled to be heard in the High Court of Irleand on 3rd October, 2006

KAL Case website


:: The Case :: www.kalcase.org ::

Drs. Katherine Zappone & Ann Louise Gilligan are already married. As Irish citizens they are asking the courts to recognise that their marriage should be legally recognised in Ireland.

In failing to recognise their marriage, the State and the Revenue Commissioners are not recognising their right to equality before the law, as guaranteed by the Irish Constitution. They are also failing to recognise their right to privacy and family life as guaranteed in the European Convention on Human Rights.

They are asking for equality and fairness and to be treated the same as other married couples, including those who marry abroad and enjoy tax and benefits related to pensio, property and succession among other things.

If successful, the case will create a positive climate for a new legal framework that provides the potential for legal recognition for all co-habiting couples and for the many different types of family in Ireland today.

.: The case will be heard in the High Court on the 3rd October 2006 :.

.:: www.kalcase.org ::.

:: The KAL Initiative ::

The KAL Initiative was established in relation to the High Court challenge taken by Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan to have their Canadian marriage recognised by the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland.

The case and the KAL Initiative is a strategic challege to the failure of the State to recognise the growing diversity in family forms in a changing Ireland. The KAL Initiative will concentrate on raising awarensess, ranging from the gay and lesbian community to the general public, about the inequality in the recognition of marriage in both same sex and opposite sex partnerships which continues to exist in Ireland. In addition, the KAL Initiative seeks to highlight the need to recognise diverse forms of family among both same sex and opposite sex couples in Ireland.

For more archives, information about the Initiative or to sign-up to the mailing list for notification of developments, you can go to www.kalcase.org

:: The KAL Case Advocacy Platform ::

The KAL Case Advocacy Platform has been formed to organise a co-ordinated approach among people interested in supporting the High Court case being taken by Drs. Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan.

The importance of this case is in establishing that Irish families today are far more diverse than provided for within legislation and State policies.

The Platform is being established to involve supporters and builde a coalition of effort – to ensure that people who want to support the case can collaborate effectively together.

The Platform welcomes interested individuals to participate in activities, as well as interested organisations and groups.

For those with queries or an interest in becoming involved, please contact GLEN (Gay and Lesbian Equality Network):

Phone (01) 473 05 63 or e-mail kalplatform@glen.ie


2 Responses to “:: About KAL Case ::”

  1. Jack Quann said

    I was very disapointed at the High Court’s judgement against Dr. Zappone & Dr. Gilligan. Is it now going to the Supreme Court? & will they be persuing the European Court system failing that? I hope so! Best of luck to them 🙂

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